Prophetic Qurbani


Donate your Qurbani, the way our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) would have; one for yourself, and one for those less fortunate in the Ummah who cannot afford to fulfil their duty of Qurbani.

You can even donate Qurbani on behalf of the Prophet (saw), to celebrate his wonderful deeds and generous heart.

Give a Prophetic Qurbani for £29 and provide an extra 57 meals to families living in poverty this Eid.

This beautiful act of sacrifice, in addition to your own, is the best way to give your Qurbani because not only are you helping to feed impoverished people across Asia and Africa, but Allah (swt) will bless you with double the rewards!

Make Eid ul-Adha extra special for the poor and hungry this year. From Asia to Africa, Penny Appeal is working to ensure those living in poverty are supplied with your Qurbani and that its delivered at their convenience.

We promise to maintain high quality standards in sourcing, ensuring the people most deserving are receiving the meat and to make the Islamic duty of Qurbani and the blessed practice of Prophetic Qurbani overall easier, more accessible and beneficial for everyone involved.

Customers will receive a gift card with an enclosed receipt for the amount of Qurbanis purchased.