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Our trained Helpline Practitioners are on-hand to take your calls and help you through whatever you are experiencing. We’re here to support you.


Our outreach workers are ready to offer their support and services to anyone in need of help. We will support you through all of your concerns and worries, for as long as it takes.


We offer confidential and non-judgemental support for everyone who gets in contact with us. We’re ready to listen, and we’re ready to help.

Before making the call

Callers are asked to ensure they are in a safe environment when making a call to the helpline.

Callers do not have to give their real name if they do not want to, an alias can be provided. Or if callers prefer, our Helpline Practitioners can offer a caller contact code which can be used each time a call to the helpline is made. This allows us to easily find call records and means callers will not be asked to repeat information they have previously provided.

Advice and info

Mental Health

Are you going through a difficult time and struggling with how you are feeling? It’s ok to not be ok; we’re here to listen.


Are you being bullied? You're not alone. You should always feel safe and supported; we’re here to help.

Child Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Are you struggling to adapt to life in the UK? If you're an asylum seeker or a refugee and are finding life difficult, we can help.

Domestic Abuse

Is someone asking you to do things you’re uncomfortable with? If you think someone is being inappropriate with you, we’re here to help.

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