Tough Mudder 2021

An 8-10 mile muddy marathon.

25 heart-pounding obstacles.

Are you ready to take on the world’s best mud run?

Put yourself to the test, and hop in the mud with Penny Appeal!

Midlands 15th August | Scotland 3 July 

Yorkshire 31 July | London 18 September  

Registration: £50     Min sponsorship: £500


Experience Tough Mudder 2021

This isn’t just your average race. Oh no, this is a challenge for champions and Team Orange needs you to lace up your running shoes and get a bit dirty this year at Tough Mudder 2021, all in the name of our Emergency Response appeal!

Tough Mudder classic is a challenge like no other. It’s a race to the finish line that will cake you in mud and drop you outside your comfort zone, it’s a challenge that will push you to the limit and show the world what you’re made of. Tough Mudder classic is an epically muddy marathon that will have you wading through a swimming hole of ice, shimmying your way up a water slide, manoeuvring through an electroshock field and legging it up Everest – no, not the mountain, but a quarter pipe challenge that can only be conquered with teamwork!

Sign up with Penny Appeal to take one the world’s BEST mud run, with just a £50 entrance fee and minimum fundraising goal of £500. Every penny you raise for this Tough Mudder classic challenge goes to our Emergency Response appeal! As you run, duck and dive your way around 25 obstacles and a whole lot of mud, you can celebrate knowing every step you take brings us one step closer to helping people in need.

So what are you waiting for?!

Sign up for Penny Appeal’s Tough Mudder Classic challenge today!


Choose Your Tough Mudder Event

Gather your friends and family together and join the Mudder Nation with Team Orange! Tough Mudder spaces are available in multiple locations across the nation this year, so there’s plenty of mud to go around.

Join us in getting down and dirty for charity on 15th August in the Midlands, July 3rd in Scotland, July 31st in Yorkshire, September 18th in London, or choose your own Tough Mudder event via their website . The bigger Team Orange turnout we have, the better it will be!

There are multiple Tough Mudder events happening across England and Scotland this year, so if you can’t make it to one of the events above here’s your chance to choose your own Tough Mudder event! When you sign up, just let us know which location you would rather get muddy in and we will secure your space.

Spaces are limited for our Tough Mudder Classic challenge though, so book yours today and get ready for one of the BIGGEST and MUDDIEST challenges of the year!

Penny Appeal provides Emergency Response wherever there is a crisis

Your fundraising could make all the difference...

Penny Appeal always strives to respond to global disasters and emergencies as they happen, but more importantly, we are always working to grow our capacity. This means delivering aid quicker, better and towards a more sustainable impact, benefitting more people than ever before. 

The funds you raise are absolutely critical in our ability to act fast during a crisis.

War, famine, disease, poverty & climate change have immobilised communities in Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Indonesia and East Africa, and Penny Appeal need your support to be able to deploy life-saving medical aid, food, clothing, sanitation and shelter to those who've been left incredibly vulnerable.

Our teams are currently providing support in:

  • Indonesia- Over 2,000 people have lost their lives, after the coastal city of Palu was rocked by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. This was then followed by a volcanic tsunami, killing over 400 people and leaving thousands seriously injured
  • Syria and neighbouring countries - where refugees are battling to survive
  • Yemen- where civilians are targeted amidst conflict, faced with famine and struggling to receive medical treatment for Cholera
  • Myanma- where Rohingya communities are being persecuted
  • Palestine- where people are living amid conflict
  • Bangladesh- Helping victims of the Sunamganj Floods and providing essential aid to Rohingya refugees
  • Areas affected by the famine East Africa, such as Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya

Get your fundraising off to a flying start by setting up your own fundaising page to take online donations, which will be sent straight to Penny Appeal. You can also make the most of your fundraising and training efforts by sharing your story on social media. Don't forget to tag @teamorangepa for shares!


For more information or queries contact our Challenges Team on: or call 07739 363894.