The Sultan & The Saint

Discover the story of St Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt, during the period of Christian-Muslim conflict known as the Crusades.

Be the first to see the Emmy® Award Nominated film and one of the Middle East’s greatest lost told stories.


The Sultan & The Saint Exclusive Trailer

What happens when two worlds collide…?

2019 marks the 800th anniversary of the historic meeting of St Francis and the Sultan of Egypt – to commemorate, Penny Appeal is touring six cities across the UK this October with the acclaimed new film, The Sultan and the Saint!

Set during the Christian-Muslim conflicts of the 13th century, The Sultan and the Saint recounts the meeting between the Sultan of Egypt and St Francis of Assisi on the battlefields of the Crusades. Narrated by Academy-Award winner Jeremy Irons, the movie reveals an unlikely friendship between the ruler of Egypt and the preacher, at a pivotal moment in East-West relations. Theirs was a remarkable friendship that shows us how to transcend differences and work together for peace – even within a battlefield.

This fascinating story is proof that peace takes courage, that kindness is the greatest challenge to bigotry, and that there is always more that unites us than can ever divide.

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2019 might be the 800th anniversary of the historic meeting of the Sultan and the Saint, but it’s been just 2 years since the Rohingya people were forced to flee from persecution in Myanmar, and seek refuge along the southern shores of Bangladesh.

For the past 2 years, Penny Appeal’s Rohingya Emergency appeal has been working to provide these vulnerable refugees with shelter, medical care, food, water, and other essentials, and with the purchase of a ticket, you can be too!

All proceeds from The Sultan and The Saint screenings will go towards helping Rohingya refugees get the support they need to rebuild their lives, so with just a simple trip to see this film, you will be making a big difference to refugees in need.


“How does anyone stop the violence in a seemingly endless conflict?”

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The Sultan and the Saint depicts two men of faith; one a Christian preacher, the other the ruler of a Muslim Empire. Amidst a seemingly endless conflict, they paved a new path – one of mutual respect, spirituality, and generosity.

Zack Beyer plays Sultan al-Kamil, the nephew of the great Muslim leader Salahuddin, Richard the Lionheart’s famous opponent, with Alexander McPherson as St Francis. The Sultan and the Saint mixes live-action filmmaking with film interviews from historians to deliver an unmissable piece of true-to-life cinema.

Not only does it remind us of the admirable actions of our ancestors, but it also speaks directly to the wars that surround us today. How does anyone stop the violence? Perhaps The Sultan and The Saint can help show us the way…

Please note: This movie includes scenes of battle which are not suitable for children.


Tour Dates

Venue / Date
The Sultan and The Saint


Cineworld, Bradford Leisure Exchange, Vicar Lane


Friday 18 October 06:30 PM
The Sultan and The Saint


Oakington Manor Hall, Oakington Manor Drive


Saturday 19 October 06:30 PM
The Sultan and The Saint

East London

Perrin Lecture Theatre, Queen Mary University, Blizzard Building, 4 Newark St, Whitechapel,

E1 2AT

Sunday 20 October 06:30 PM