What is honour-based violence?

Honour based abuse is when someone is hurting you as punishment for “dishonouring” or bringing perceived shame on your family or community. This form of abuse can be emotional, physical or sexual, and includes actions such as forced marriage, forced abortion, abduction, disownment and assault. 

Honour based abuse is different from other forms of abuse because in many circumstances these abusive actions are carried out with the approval of family members. Women and girls are the most common victims of honour based abuse, but men and boys can also experience this as well. 

If you or someone you know has gone through any form of honour based abuse, reach out and get the help you need. 

What can you Do?

Tell Someone

Talking about abuse can be hard but telling someone you trust can help you find the support you need. Don’t stay silent about abuse, speak with a close friend, family member or somewhere here at our Domestic Abuse Helpline. 

Get Help

If you feel that you are in danger, don’t hesitate to get help. Reach out to someone who is in a position to support you safely or if you are in immediate danger call emergency services on 999. 

Stop blaming yourself 

Sometimes people who have been abused start to think that their abuser’s behaviour is their fault – this is NOT the case. You are not at fault here, you do not deserve to be abused.  You can’t control the actions of others, but you can stop blaming yourself.

Get in touch

Before Reaching Out

Callers are asked to ensure they are in a safe environment when making a call to the helpline.

Callers do not have to give their real name if they do not want to, an alias can be provided. Or if callers prefer, our Helpline Practitioners can offer a caller contact code which can be used each time a call to the helpline is made. This allows us to easily find call records and means callers will not be asked to repeat information they have previously provided.

You are important. Get in touch now.

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