Tis the season...but not for everyone

Globally, more people die during winter than any other season and with COVID-19 still plaguing most countries on the map, there is an even stronger need for your support.

Many families are facing the toughest winter of their lives this year because of displacement, poverty, or disaster.

Click on the countries below to learn about how the vulnerable people who live there are affected by the deadly combination of cold weather and COVID-19, and how your charity for winter can help protect our brothers and sisters.

Tis the Season..but not for everyone – you can help protect these vulnerable people by donating charity for winter with us.

Penny Appeal is giving charity for winter with the help of our partners are on the ground in 5 countries, and the UK. We’re providing warm clothing, food packs, life-saving hygiene kits, blankets, fuel for heaters, shelter assistance, and other essentials to families who are in danger this winter.

You can support at-risk families in the country of your choice by offering charity for winter and helping us carry out life-saving distributions.

If you have any questions about our Winter Emergency appeal or you'd like a little more information, please take a look at our FAQ page.