Sri Lanka Bombing

Emergency Appeal

253 killed and 500 injured, after bombs hit eight churches and hotels across Sri Lanka this Easter weekend.

We still need your help to provide ongoing medical support, food packs, and long term community care for the victims and the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Feedback from our team in Sri Lanka

Thanks to your generosity, Penny Appeal’s teams in Sri Lanka have been able to respond rapidly, providing emergency food packs and medical support to those injured by the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka.

Alhamdulillah, we are providing humanitarian support to every family affected by these terrible attacks.

We have already given 75 food packs to the families of those who have lost loved ones, with the hope of lessening their burden in this difficult time.

We’ve also distributed 20 emergency food packs to those injured by the bombings, delivered to them at hospital, so that their families will not go hungry as they heal.

Each family also received 2,000 Sri Lankan Rupees, which will go a long way to helping them buy medicine, food and other essentials.

We still need your help to provide ongoing medical support, food packs, and long term community care for the victims and the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Some families have lost their mothers; others have seen their sole providers injured.

Donate now, and help these families to re-build their lives after the attacks.

As Sri Lankan congregations gathered to celebrate the Easter weekend, their prayers were tragically cut short, by bombs erupting in their places of worship. 

Eight locations were attacked this weekend, including the Shangri-La hotel and the Siyon Church, which is close to our existing health and hygiene projects in Batticalo. In that attack alone, 30 people died and 120 more were injured.

The total death toll from the Easter Bombings is at 253 and counting, and 500 people have been injured.

These terrorist attacks are the deadliest violence Sri Lanka has experienced since the end of the country’s civil war in 2009. Many of those affected are shocked to see such violence; they had hoped that Sri Lanka had left all of that behind.

Penny Appeal’s teams on the ground are attempting to access the areas worst hit, to understand the scale of the tragedy. We hope to support those affected with medical supplies, food and in whatever way we can.

You can support the victims and their families in the aftermath of these terrible attacks.

Please, donate emergency medical supplies and food now.

We utterly condemn these acts of barbarity.

We pray for peace and stand in solidarity with the innocent victims of these senseless attacks.

You can support the victims, with your duaas and with medical aid and emergency food packs for those affected.

Many of those injured can no longer work, and will need our practical support as they heal. There will also be a long journey of emotional healing for those who have been terrified, injured or even lost loved ones in these attacks.

One of the accounts from bystander Usman Ali, who lives near one of the Roman Catholic churches which was attacked, gives an example of how we can come together and help the victims after the Easter Bombings.

“Everyone just had one intention, and that was to help victims of the blast, no matter what religion or race they may be.”

Usman Ali, BBC News

Please help us to continue to provide emergency relief in Sri Lanka, and offer a helping hand to people who have lost their homes, belongings and even loved ones.

Donate now to provide necessary support and medical care.