Our 5-year-old orphan Areeba’s story

Areeba Bi is 5 years old. When she was an infant her father, who was a labourer, died from kidney failure, leaving Areeba’s mother without any income to pay for food, shelter or education. Recently Areeba was able to find a new home at Penny Appeal’s Mera Apna Ghar (My Own Home) orphan home in Sohawa. Areeba now attends school and is cared for by one of the foster mothers at an Orphan Home.

Her foster mother says that Areeba is always smiling and is a good-natured child who likes to succeed at everything.

Areeba enjoys playing with her dolls and watching cartoons. She recently scored 95% overall in her exams and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Help build an orphanage

Mera Apna Ghar (My Own Home), our first orphanage, opened in Sohawa 2012. 

Help build a new orphan home and you'll provide a safe, loving home for many orphans for years to come.

For just £100 per brick, you can support us in building a new orphan home in Kashmir, and Pakistan.