Fragile Lives

Feed fragile mothers and babies this Ramadan.

Fragile Lives is 100% Zakat applicable- which means that every penny of your Zakat goes to help mothers and babies in need.

The Uk government will DOUBLE your donation this Ramadan so that your Zakat can make an even bigger difference!

3.1 million children die from malnutrition every year.

Donate today and make DOUBLE the difference.

Roshni's Story


Roshni is a 19-year-old, soon-to-be mother of three, living in rural Pakistan.

Roshni is full of love for her family, but she is afraid. Afraid for the future, afraid for her children and afraid of the uncertainty that poverty brings her family. She fears what will happen to herself and her children, especially the one growing inside her, if they go without food much longer.

Roshni recalls the birth of her first two children as severely difficult. With only a midwife to help her through the labour, complications arose. She was so weak from malnutrition, that it took every last ounce of her strength to give birth to her sons. She had no money for medicine or hospital visits to help her through her pregnancy, but despite this she traces her troubles back to lack of food.

“We would have good times, if we had good food,” Roshni says, “I would be sturdy, so my babies would be strong.”

You can make sure that a mother like Roshni never has to feel such fear again.

Malnutrition in Mothers and Babies

Malnutrition affects millions of people worldwide, especially vulnerable mothers and babies.

Being malnourished can have critical effects on a woman’s pregnancy, and leave lasting marks on the lives of her children. In some cases, the damage caused by malnutrition is irreversible, stunting a baby’s growth and putting them at a disadvantage as they develop. 


Many of the mothers in Pakistan told us that they sometimes had nothing to eat but chillies mixed with water and chapattis.

Good nutrition supplies mothers and babies with the strength they need to survive. A mother who is properly nourished can provide her child with a healthy start to life. When a baby is well nourished they can grow to be strong, opening the door to a brighter future.

This Ramadan, you are choosing to fast, but many mothers and babies go hungry every day with no choice in the matter.

You can change that.

Donate to help mothers and babies in Pakistan and Kenya fight hunger. With your support, they can get the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

The UK government will DOUBLE every single donation made to our Fragile Lives appeal, so we can reach DOUBLE the mothers and babies in our fight to beat malnutrition.

The Prophet Muhammad said, “Give food to the hungry.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

You can feed a vulnerable mother, so that she can feed her baby, this Ramadan. 

Mum and Baby Food Basket

You can provide mothers and babies in Pakistan and Kenya with a Mum and Baby Food Basket for just £50. This basket will supply a family with nutritious food for a whole month, keeping mothers and babies happy and healthy.

The UK government will DOUBLE your donation to £100, so that we can help provide life-saving food to mothers and babies in Kenya, too!

Feed Mothers and Babies


Providing Training for Mothers will help mothers to feed their families for life!

Play a major part in helping families break free from the cycle of hunger by providing Training for Mothers, for just £300!

You can help them feed their families for life by giving them training in agricultural methods, animal protection, bee-keeping, drought resistant farming and water preservation. With these skills they will be able to set up their own businesses and make a sustainable livelihood for their families – so that they never have to go hungry again.

Your £300 donation towards Training for Mothers will be DOUBLED by the UK government, to £600 – so we can reach even more mums!

Nutrition Centres


Provide healthcare and vital nutrition 

Our Nutrition Support Centres provide care and treatment for severely malnourished babies and children.

They are also able to supply general healthcare services for the community, which will help 100,000 people. These centres are equipped with fully trained staff, modern medical kits, continuous training, medication and supplements. Our Nutrition Support Centres save lives, and for a donation of £35,000 you can help establish one of these centres for a whole year.

The UK government will DOUBLE your donation to £70,000, helping hundreds of thousands more mothers and babies.

Every donation made before June 9th will be DOUBLED by the UK government, matching every £ you give to help even more mums and babies in Kenya and Pakistan!

Fasting helps you understand what it’s like to go hungry – donating lets you help stop people from needlessly going hungry again.