Fragile Lives

Worldwide, a baby dies every 8 seconds.

A mother dies in childbirth every 2 minutes.

Together, we can help save their lives; donate to our Fragile Lives appeal today.

Change lives: Sitaras Story


Sitara is just one of the women we will be supporting through our Fragile Lives appeal.

Sitara is a young woman living in rural Tharparkar, Pakistan. After a happy wedding, Sitara has become pregnant twice – but both times, her babies have died just a few days after birth.

“Our children die because we are poor,” Sitara says.

Because there aren’t any medical facilities nearby, both Sitara’s children have been delivered prematurely at home in dangerous conditions, and they haven’t been able to survive.

If I had a child, I would have done everything for her,” Sitara tells us, wistfully.

With something as simple as a Safe Delivery Kit for £30, or a local doctor you could support for £150, you can help Sitara have the happy, healthy family she deserves.

Reach thousands of babies and save their lives



In Pakistan, over 400,000 babies die before their first birthday and 14,000 Pakistani women die during childbirth annually. 



Kenya has one of the worst Maternal Mortality Rates in the world, and over 1 in 20 children die before their fifth birthday

How Will We Save Fragile Lives?

The Prophet (saw) taught us, “Heaven lies under the feet of mothers.” (Ahmad, Nasai)

Honour our mothers in Pakistan and Kenya, and save their babies’ lives.

We are committed to improving maternal care for Pakistan and Kenya’s poorest mothers and their babies. We will achieve this through offering a higher standard of medical care and nutrition, as well as working alongside local midwives and doctors to support them in caring for new mothers and their babies. We will also offer education and support to mothers, empowering them to give their babies the best possible start to life. 

Good nutrition for both mothers and babies can make a world of difference. If a mother is well nourished, she will be healthy and strong for her baby, better able to breastfeed and more likely to survive pregnancy-related complications. For babies, good nutrition from birth means they will grow stronger and more resilient, with each day of life.

We’ll be working to help entire families become free from the fear of hunger for life by teaching them vital agricultural skills and helping them access the dynamic market so they can produce and sell their own food using established business models.

By working with traditional birth attendants and midwives, we’ll equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for safer deliveries, pre-natal and antenatal care, boosting every mother and baby’s chances of survival.



Where there is fragility, you can help us build strength