Emergency Response in Action

When you support Penny Appeal’s Emergency Response appeal, you become a hero for those in need!

Over the past year, our Emergency Response appeal has been met with overwhelming support from everyone in our Team Orange family. The generosity and care you’ve shown for our brothers and sisters affected by disaster has rebuilt communities, empowered individuals and provided essential aid to thousands in need, Alhamdulillah.

Check out how all your hard work and donations have helped provide emergency relief all over the globe!


We couldn’t be prouder of the work you and our Team Orange family have made possible over the last year, and we’re looking forward to an even more successful year filled with charity and relief for those in need!

Let your orange shine through this year by supporting our Emergency Response appeal and helping our brothers and sisters faced with crisis. When disaster strikes, Penny Appeal will always be there to help, and now you can be too.

Donate today to protect the most vulnerable people in our global ummah from disaster.

Challenge Yourself for Emergency Response

In addition to simply making a donation to our Emergency Response appeal, you can also choose to take on a challenge for Emergency Response and fundraise for the less fortunate!

Every race you run, every obstacle you face and every challenge you take on for Penny Appeal’s Emergency Response appeal makes you a life-saver!

So what are you waiting for?

Choose a challenge to fundraise for or make a donation to support our amazing Emergency Response work this year!

Choose a challenge, start your training and get ready to do some amazing work for our brothers and sisters in need this year!