Islamic Adoption and Fostering Guide 

A Freedom of Information (FOI) carried out by Penny Appeal in 2015 found that there are over 4,000 Muslim children in foster care each year, over half of whom spend some time living in non-Muslim homes.

The Penny Appeal Adoption and Fostering team have collaborated with over 60 Islamic scholars from across the UK to compile an Islamic Adoption and Fostering Guide.

The booklet covers the faith's perspective and virtues on adoption and fostering. Tailored specifically to the Muslim community, the guide is designed to highlight the position of the Muslim faith for those who are unsure about becoming foster carers or adopters.

The Islamic Adoption Guide and research is available as a free download on this page, and will be distributed to Adoption and Fostering providers and Islamic Centres throughout the UK.

Furthermore, Islamic scholars have written a Khutba (speech), which will be read out at Friday prayer in local areas before recruitment events are held and is also available as an appendix at the back of the full guidance document.




Statement of signatories 

Almost 100 scholars and prominent leaders have signed the below statement: 

We urge the Muslim community to help the vulnerable children who need care and looking after – as stipulated in the Shari’ah. Furthermore, given the dire shortage of Muslim foster carers and adopters, we will endeavour to raise awareness about adoption and fostering amongst our congregations and our communities. We also implore others to create awareness about the virtues and jurisprudence regarding Kafā lah (orphan care) by becoming acquainted with the various resources available online and elsewhere. 

1. Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Raheem Academy & Darul Uloom, Birmingham
2. Prof. Jasser Auda, Maqasid Institute, London
3. Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir  Shaikh  - Darul Arqam Educational Trust, Leicester
4. Mufti Mohammed Umair Zulfiqar, World Islamic Forum, London
5. Tariq Abdelkarim, SOAS, London
6. Imam Ajmal Masroor, Barefoot Institute 
7. Imam Qari Muhammad Asim, Imam Makkah Masjid, Leeds
8. Tim Mcardle, UK Fostering 
9. Imam Abid Khan, Cheadle Mosque, Manchester
10. Mufti Amjad Mohammed, The Olive Foundation, Bradford 
11. Imam Ilyas Salim, Muslim Chaplain & Advisor Sheffield Children’s hospital NHS, Leeds & York Foundation NHS
12. Imam Yahya Adel Ibrahim, Al Maghrib Institute, University of Western Australia
13. Shaykh Mustafa Umar, California Islamic University 
14. Shaykh Salman Badr Al-Hasan,
15. Imam Abid Salik, York Mosque
16. Sheikh Zuber Karim - Al Maktoum Mosque, Dundee
17. Shaykh Mohamed Daniel, Cordoba Academy 
18. Shaykh Bilal Shaikh, Social worker, Leicester
19. Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla, London
20. Rahim Jung, TV Presenter and Fundraiser 
21. Shaykh Amer Jamil, iSyllabus & Solas Foundation, Glasgow
22. Imam Abdullah Hasan, Imams Against Domestic Abuse (IADA) 
23. Mufti Zubair Patel, Imam Zakaria Academy, London
24. Imam Mursalin Miah, Holborn Mosque 
25. Dr Mansur Ali, Cardiff University
26. Aina Khan OBE, Solicitor, Aina Khan Consultancy
27. Imam Zahed Fettah, Imam at Wisdom Cultural and Islamic Centre, Birmingham
28. Shaykh Imran Chaudhry, a teacher at 
29. Ustadh Omar Hajaj, Director of Yaseen Youth Development, PR Executive at MRDF and teacher at WLICC
30. Ustadha Ola Shoubaki, Arabic Gems
31. Zareena Grewal, Yale University 
32. Sheikh Khalil ibn Elyas, Quwwatul Islam, London 
33. Imam Fadel Soliman, Director, Bridges foundation
34. Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala, Head Chaiplan, NHS 
35. Dr Asim Yusuf, Nur al Habib Trust 
36. Imam Abdassamad Clarke 
37. Imam Imad Chowdhury, Manchester 
38. Dr Shuruq Naguib, Lancaster University 
39. Dr Fella Lahmar, MIHE, Leicester 
40. Shaykh Bilal Brown, Manchester 
41. Dr Sariyah Cheruvallil, Coventry University 
42. Mohammed Shafiq, Ramadhan Foundation
43. Ustadha Maryam Amirebrahimi 
44. Aqeel Noormohamed, Approved Foster Carer, Manchester,UK
45. Lubaaba Al-Azami, University of Liverpool
46. Dr Omar Taha, Director, Al-Emaan Centre Bromley
47. Shaykh Idris Watts, Qur’anic Circle 
48. Imam Mohammed Abubakar Saleem, Jamia Masjid Noor, Huddersfield
49. Shaukh Yusuf Ríos, 3 Puerto Rican Imams Project, Shaukani Institute
50. Imam Mohammad Farooq Janbaz, Birmingham
51. Qari Mohammed Siddique, Birmingham 
52. Mawlana Abdul Majeed Nadeem, Birmingham 
53. Mawlana Mohammed Tayyab, Birmingham 
54. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, Birmingham 
55. Mawlana Saaed ur Rahman, Blackheath 
56. Arif Mateen, Boston 
57. Imam Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, Cardiff 
58. Imam Imtiaz Ahmed, Leeds 
59. Iman Irfanullah Irfan, Masjid Khadijah, Peterborough 
60. Imam Muhamad Rashid, Masjid Khadijah, Peterborough 
61. Mawlana Ali Mahmoud Ahmed Ali, Walsall
62. Imam Khalid Mehmood, Walsall 
63. Hafiz Attar Muhammad, Wolverhampton 
64. Iman Mohammed Arshad, Burnly 
65. Imam Muhammad Iqbal, European Islamic Centre, Oldham 
66. Dr Shahrul Islam, Abrahamic Foundation 
67. Shaykh Ridahur Rahman, Newcastle 
68. Mawlana Zafar Iqbal Awan, Manchester 
69. Imam Syed Naveed Ahmed, Nelson
70. Mawlana Abdur Rasheed, Newbold 
71. Imam Miftah Uddin, Oldham 
72. Qari M Faiz, Oldham 
73. Imam Mohamed Azad, Bradford, AlHira 
74. Mawlana Abdul Hakeem, Newbold, Madinah Masjid 
75. Qari Mumtaz Ahmad, Neeli Mosque, Rochdale 
76. Imam Abdur Rahman Salik, York 
77. Iman Rahmat Aziz Salik, Hull
78. Mawlana M Ishaq, Glasgow 
79. Mawlana Mohamad Jahanzaib Niaz
80. Qari Niaz Mohammed 
81. Hafiz Abu Bakar Sajjad, Masjid Ibrahim, London 
82. Mawlana Hassan Shah
83. Mawlana Inyayat Khan
84. Mawlana Mohammad Iqbal Awan, Luton 
85. Mawlana Shahid Ahmed 
86. Imam Iftikhar ul Haq, Southend 
87. Imam Suliman Gani, Purely Masjid 
88. Aqeel Noormohamed, Approved Foster Carer, Manchester,UK
89. Rehanah Sadiq, Muslim Chaiplan 
90. Sayed Ali Raza Rizvi, President, Majlis Ulema e Shia Europe
91. Shaykh Jafar Najm,
92. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, Head of Islamic Education, Noor Trust
93. Shaykh Imran Hussain, Darul Imaan Hosseinieh Foundation for Islamic Education & Welfare Bristol
94. Sayed Mohammed Al-Musawi, World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League
95. Shaykh Ahmed Haneef, Imam and Chaplain

Adoption and Fostering Islamic Document features on BBC News  

If you are a scholar or prominent community leaders and would like to add your support to the statement please email us at or call 03000 11 11 11