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Palestine Water Tanker

Help provide clean water to the people of Palestine by supporting a water tanker


£500 towards water in Palestine £1,000 towards water in Palestine £5,000 towards water in Palestine



Provide water in Palestine £25/mth Provide water in Palestine £50/mth Provide water in Palestine £100/mth


Clean water is a basic necessity, but in Palestine it is incredibly difficult to get.


By supporting a Water Tanker, you can provide safe water to the people who need it the most.


In Gaza, water supplies are often contaminated. The dirty, salty water can make people ill; for orphans and the elderly, the diseases it causes can be life-threatening. We’re providing regular supplies of clean water to schools, orphanages, and hospitals, as well as community locations.


In the West Bank, there is a shortage of clean water. Supplies are restricted, and people are having to survive on far less than they need to remain healthy. We’re working to reach these areas and provide emergency water supplies.


Your donation will help to provide the tanks and water fountains we install at schools, orphanages, hospitals, mosques and community locations, and keep them full of clean water.




“We made from water every living thing.” [Qur’an 21:30]


Palestine Water Tanker

Palestine Water Tanker

Water crisis in Palestine: EU warns that 95% of Gaza’s water is “unfit for human use”


Palestinians are facing severe water shortages, and the situation is getting worse every day

AlJazeera IndependentAE Middle East Monitor themedialine


In occupied areas, supplies are being severely restricted – some households only get a trickle of water every few days. Families are having to ration their water or pay hugely inflated prices to purchase extra. Many have no choice but to use salty or diseased water for drinking, cooking, and washing.


For those who rely on agriculture, there is not enough water to keep their crops and animals healthy; plants die and milk yields drop, putting livelihoods at risk.


Poor sewage infrastructure further compounds the problems, and with high temperatures, food shortages and limited access to medical care, the lack of water can be life threatening, especially to children and the elderly.


You can help the people of Palestine by donating now to provide clean, safe water.


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