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We're standing with Yusuf / Cat to support Syrian refugee children


Donate now - Show Syrian child refugees they are not alone.

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To launch the #YouAreNotAlone campaign, Yusuf / Cat Stevens performed a beautiful and touching concert in London on 14th June, with people coming together to support a lost generation of Syrian refugee children.


He showcased the emotional single ‘He Was Alone’ as well as some of his well-known hits, including ‘Peace Train’, ‘Moonshadow’ and ‘Father and Son’.


Afterwards, Yusuf / Cat Stevens tweeted: A beautiful converging of hearts. Thanks to all that came out tonight in aid of refugee children. #YouAreNotAlone”

Omid Djalili, Iranian-British comedian, also took to Twitter to comment on the concert, saying: “Peace Train took roof off. ‘Why must we go on hating?’ V resonant lyric now … This is overwhelming.”

Peter Sanders, photographer of the Muslim world, said on his Facebook page: “Last night Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens gave a beautiful concert in central London to help launch the â€ª#‎YouAreNotAlone campaign in aid of refugee children. ‘All You Need is Love’, ‘People Get Ready’ and of course ‘Peace Train’ were some of the great songs containing messages that remind us nothing will change until we change.”


Yusuf / Cat Stevens wrote “He Was Alone” to tell the story of just one young refugee – a story that is tragically being repeated right now for so many other children. You can see the video below, and please share online using #YouAreNotAlone, so that we can give these unseen children a voice.

“While the world faces incomprehensible numbers and statistics created by the refugee crisis the tragedy and story of a single soul gets missed.

It was difficult to stand by just watching this tragedy without trying to do something. I simply decided to help humanise the narrative and lend my voice to the call for keeping hearts and doors open to every refugee, especially youngsters, who have lost what future they might have once hoped for.”

Yusuf / Cat Stevens



Emergency supplies will provide items such as food, clothes, bedding and hygiene kits. The Relief Fund will support Syrian refugee children arriving in the UK through meals, welcome packs and welfare days.

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