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Iran-Iraq Earthquake Emergency Appeal

Over 500 people feared dead and thousands more injured by huge earthquake in border region


Donate now to save lives

  • £50 can provide enough food for a family for a month

  • £150 can provide medical treatment for a month

  • £300 towards emergency shelter

A devastating earthquake, with its epicentre just south of the Iraqi border city of Halabja has killed at least 400 people with the death toll rising and thousands more injured.


The 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck at around 9.20pm (18:20 GMT) on Sunday, and tremors were felt as far away as both capitals, Tehran and Baghdad.


At least 70,000 people now need immediate shelter


£50 earthquake emergency £150 earthquake emergency £300 earthquake emergency


According to one Iranian aid agency, at least 70,000 people now need immediate shelter as a direct result of the earthquake. The majority of these people were in Iran's western Kermanshah province, with 4,000 estimated injured, from preliminary reports.


The bulk of Iranian victims are in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, around 10 miles from the Iran-Iraq border. The town’s main hospital was damaged, severely reducing its capacity to treat those injured by the earthquake.


In the more sparsely populated border regions of Iraq, fewer casualties were reported. The interior ministry spokesman, Brigadier General Saad Maan said that seven people had died, and 321 people were injured.


Iran’s Red Crescent Organisation have said that damage has been reported in at least 8 rural villages in the region, with rescue teams further hampered by landslides in the area. The head of Iran’s Red Crescent, Morteza Salim said, "Some other villages have suffered power cuts and their telecommunications system has also been disturbed."


It is clear that the earthquake has had a wide-ranging impact - in a region that is used to earthquakes – as one of the largest to hit this year.


These people need help, their lives lay in pieces, their homes ruined and all hope for a bright future looks dim. Donate whatever you can to help us restore stability to their lives.


With your help, we can deliver food and medical care to the displaced people affected by the earthquake in the border region between Iran and Iraq.

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Iran-Iraq Earthquake Emergency Appeal



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