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Bangladesh Cyclone Crisis




Cyclone Mora continues to batter Bangladesh, killing civilians, devastating lives, displacing over 500,000 people and leaving over 1 million people in urgent need of evacuation. 



Port cities in the south-east are at the highest warning level, known as “great danger level 10”. The combination of 135 kilometres per hour winds and torrential rain is terrorising innocent lives and leaving families fighting for their livelihoods.


Vulnerable Rohingya refugees have been some of the worst affected. Fleeing persecution and living in flimsy makeshift shelters, they have little hope for rescue and evacuation.



Speaking to Al Jazeera, one Rohingya community leader Abul Salam says, "In some places, almost every shanty homemade of tin, bamboo and plastics has been flattened", adding that around 20,000 houses had been damaged and many residents injured.


Cyclone Mora has already hit neighbouring Sri Lanka, killing 180 innocent people. Now, the fate of Bangladeshi communities is in our hands.  


This very moment, Penny Appeal teams are on the ground in the worst affected areas. We are distributing food packs to displaced families and providing invaluable shelters for those whose homes have been destroyed. We need your donations to continue providing emergency aid to those left with nothing in the wake of Cyclone Mora.


For just £300, you can provide vital nutritious food and shelter to save the lives of millions at risk in Bangladesh. 




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Bangladesh Cyclone Crisis



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